Creating or Opening a Mobile Packager Windows Mobile/CE Installer Project

To create a new project, you can either go to the File menu and click on the New sub menu. Alternatively, you can also use the "Create New" link that is located on the start page/tab of the Mobile Packager application.

File Menu Options

File Menu Options

After selecting either one of the above options("Create New" link or the File->New menu option), the new project dialog will appear. On this dialog, you can specify the name of the project and the path where this project file will be created. By default the project name will be used to derive the project destination file name path. The project name is also used to derive the installation package file name(s) that will be generated from this project.

New Project Window

As of Mobile Packager version 2, two project types are supported. These two project types are "Custom (Native EXE)" and "CAB" projects types. The "Custom (Native EXE)" project type selected by default and is the project type that is compatible with versions of Mobile Packager. The "CAB" installer project type is a new project type and produces cabinet(or CAB) files for deployment.  Both the EXE and CAB installers have mobile and desktop installers. The CAB project will have a desktop installer that will install multiple CAB files using the CE Application Manager.

To open an existing project, you can either go to the File menu and click on the open menu option. Alternatively, you can also use the "Open Existing(Browse...)" link to open an existing project. After selecting either one of these options, the open project dialog will appear. You can click on the Open button after browsing and selecting your existing project.

After creating a new project or opening an existing one, you will be taken to the Files tab as shown below. After creating or opening your project, you can start adding files, registry entries, modify appearance and customization options for both mobile and desktop installers. After adding files and modifying installer options, you can build your project to create, test and distribute your installer packages.

 Files Tab

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