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The build tab provides information on individual build items that are processed, the percentage of compression and if the overall build process was successful.

Upon successful build, two installer files will be created giving you two options for installing your applications. One installer generated for installation through a desktop application. Using this method you distribute the installer executable that is located under the "Desktop" folder either through email or provide for download. Your users will be able to install your applications to their mobile device using the desktop installer by having the mobile device physically connected to the desktop computer through Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center(for Vista).

The other option is, to provide the installer that is located under the "Mobile" folder either by SMS(hyperlink), mobile email, SD card or make it downloadable from a mobile device. Once your users acquire the mobile installer on their device either by downloading it or clicking on a hyperlink that was sent by an email or SMS, they can start the installation procedure on their device without being required to be connected to a desktop computer. This option is ideal for operators and ISVs that would like to provision their application for installation over the air(OTA). It is also allows individuals that are configuring several devices by having an installer on an SD card under the "Auto Run" folder(commonly the 2577 folder on an SD card on most ARM devices).

After a successful build, the "Output" section will display your build output, typically your Windows mobile device based installer and your Windows desktop based installer. Once you have these files displayed in the "Output" section, you can either launch the desktop installer or you can copy the mobile installer to test it on a device that is connected to your development machine or you can copy it to an Emulator that is currently configured and cradled for testing.

If any files are missing through the build process, you will be notified with an error message in the build output text.

The desktop Installer.

Clicking on the "Deploy to Device" button allows you to copy and launch the mobile installer to a mobile device or emulator and run the installer from within the mobile device or the emulator. The "Deploy to Device" button opens a dialog box where you can specify the start folder and subfolder where the mobile installer should be copied on the mobile device. After successfully copying the file on the device you will have the option to launch the mobile installer from within the mobile device.

Copying the mobile installer onto a device or emulator that is cradled to the current desktop computer.

Installation being initialized on the mobile device after lunching the mobile installer..

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