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The Customization Tab

  The following are the list of options that you can configure on the Customization tab.

  • Wait for user to tap screen before starting installation : When this option is selected, the installer on the mobile device will not right away start the installation process when launched. It will instead display a message that says "Tap here to start..." on pocket pc platform or "Press any key to start..." on smart phone platform.
  • Show full screen(Hide OK and [X] button) : When this option is selected the installer will occupy the full screen on the windows mobile device.
  • Show EULA (End User License Agreement) :
  • When this option is selected the installer will display a window with a text displaying the EULA content specified by the path for this option. The following is a screen shot of the mobile device displaying the EULA.


    Mobile Installation EULA (End User License Agreement) Window

    Note that the EULA text is customizable by specifying the path of the file that contains your desired EULA text. The EULA font size can also be set on the Customization tab. The default EULA font size is 9pt.
  • Soft reset after completing installation : This will soft reset the windows mobile device after completing the installation procedure. Soft resetting a device will refresh and reflect any system changes that were done to the mobile device, such as changes to system registry entries, or the today screen.

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