Windows Mobile/CE Installer Project Files Tab (CABProject) - Mobile Packager

The Files tab is where you specify the files that you would like to be packaged in your CAB package.

File Menu Options

To add files to your CAB package, you can click on the "Add File(s)" button and select the file(s) to be added. You can also add files to your package by dragging and dropping them on the files list or folder tree view. After adding your files, you can select individual files to set their destination path.

For all files you have the following properties

Source Path
Is the path where the current file is located.

Destination Path
Is the destination path on your mobile device where the file will be copied.

You can view all files in the CAB package and also control the file installation sequence by using the up and down arrows that are available after selecting the "Show All Files" option. You can remove a file from your project using the "Delete" button.

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