Windows Mobile/CE Installers Using Mobile Packager

Mobile Packager is a deployment package creator for the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Using Mobile Packager you can organize, customize and package your deployment items into a single compressed executable(EXE) or cabinet(CAB) file that is ready for deployment to a mobile device directly or via a desktop pc.

One installer packages is generated for installation through a desktop pc and another one for direct deployment to a Windows Mobile device.

  1. Mobile Device Installer Package (EXE or CAB).
    This installer is used for direct installation on a Windows Mobile device. This installer can be initiated only from within the mobile device itself. Therefore, the installer package must first be copied or downloaded to the mobile device using over the air connection or manual copying to the mobile device through ActiveSync.

  2. Desktop Installer Package (EXE).
    The desktop installer package is intended for use from a desktop pc. This installer will run on the desktop pc and will initiate the installation process on a Windows Mobile device that is connected to the desktop pc through ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

Using Mobile Packager you can deploy application executables, DLLs, files, embed or bundle other CAB files for installation.
You can also run executables, create shortcuts and registry entries on the mobile device during deployment. To get started and learn more about Mobile Packager, look at the "Using Mobile Packager" section.

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