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To specify shortcuts, use the Shortcut tab. You can use the "Add" button to create a new shortcut. You can use the "Delete" button to delete shortcut entries. To view all shortcuts that are specified in all folders, use the "Show All" option. When specifying a shortcut, you have to provide the shortcut location and the target document for which the shortcut will be created. The shortcut path must have a *.lnk file name as shortcuts are identified as a .lnk files. For example your shortcut can be, "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\My App.lnk" and the target path can be "\Program Files\My App\My App.Exe".

Shortcut Tab

You can alternatively use the Shortcut Path editor (click on the "..." ellipsis button on the shortcut property Window) to open the device folder browser window and select a destination folder for the shortcut.


Device Folder Browser Window


You can manually enter the target path for the shortcut or you can alternatively use the device file browser window to specify the target file for the shortcut.

Device File Browser Window

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