Mobile PackagerSimplify your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smart Phone and Windows CE installation.
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Mobile Packager Key Features

Mobile Packager is the easiest way to create installer packages for Windows Mobile devices.



Support for Windows Mobile 2003, WM05, WM06, Windows CE, Pocket PC and SmartPhone
Allows installation to all or preferred Windows Mobile versions.
Create compressed installer files (custom EXE)
The installer packages that are generated with Mobile Packager are compressed to minimize disk space and maximize download speed for over the air (OTA) installations.
Create CAB file
Mobile Packager has two project types. The CAB project can be used to generate CAB files. The desktop installer generated using CAB projects can be used to bundle multiple CAB files for installation of CAB files from a desktop PC via the CE Application Manager.
Launch executable files during installation 
During the installation process or after completing the installation process, an executable can be launched.
End User License Agreements (EULA) 
End User License Agreement text files can be attached with mobile installers.
Create Shortcuts
Create shortcut for your installed applications.
Create Registry Entries
Create and modify registry entries to your custom needs.
Import registry export(.REG) files
Mobile Packager can import your .REG files that you have exported from a Windows or Windows Mobile environment.
Resume installation after soft reset
Resumes installation after a soft reset by the user or due to installation of other bundled CAB files such as the .NET Compact Framework CAB files.
Bundle and install CAB files  
You can bundle your own CAB files or other CAB files such as the .NET Compact Framework CAB files or SQL CE CAB files. You can also launch and install the bundled CAB files.
Silent installation for bundled CAB files  
Mobile Packager custom installer can optionally attempt to install bundled CAB files to provide a smooth installation experience.
Ignore already installed CAB files  
Mobile Packager custom installer can optionally ignore a CAB file installation if it is already installed on the target mobile device.
Create desktop installer
Mobile Packager generates a desktop installer that can be launched form a Windows desktop machine to install files and applications to a Windows Mobile device that is attached to the desktop machine through ActiveSync.
Installer background images
Supports custom background image to be attached to the installer window.
Installer progress bar
Supports progress bar to display current status of the installation process.
Customized appearance
Location of background images, installer progress bar and status text can be customized.
Customizable text font size
The font size for status text and EULA(end user license agreement) can be customized.
Full screen installer window on mobile devices.
Allows full screen installation on a Windows Mobile device.
Support translation for Windows Mobile special folders
Special folders such as "<Program Files>" and "<My Documents>" will be translated to the correct folder name on the Windows Mobile device. This is helpful when installing applications on non English devices.
e.g On the Dutch version of Windows Mobile devices "Program Files" is called "Programmabestanden"
Intuitive user interface 
Mobile Packager workspace has an easy to use interface.
Automatic update for Mobile Packager workspace
Automatic notification and installation of new updates for the Mobile Packager workspace.
Copy mobile installer file to a mobile device from Mobile Packager workspace
Supports copying the generated mobile installer file to a mobile device or emulator that is currently connected to the development machine using Active Sync. 
Launch desktop installer from within Mobile Packager workspace
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