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Mobile Packager
Mobile Packager is an easy tool that you can use to package files and applications to create a single windows mobile installer or a pocket pc installer file for Windows Mobile devices. Using Mobile Packager you can package your image files, application components (*.DLL), other executables (*.EXE), CAB files or other type of files producing an installer that can be launched from a desktop pc or an installer file in an EXE or CAB file format that can be launched from a mobile device.
Simplify your deployment Create installers for different environments Create professional looking mobile installers
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Mobile Packager compresses files during the processes of packaging generating a desktop installer, a windows mobile or pocket pc installer file that is usually much smaller in size. This makes it very easy to deploy files and application under the windows mobile platform. For further information, you can read more about the product here... or you can contact us.
  • Very easy to use and requires no scripting.
  • Create a single compressed EXE or CAB installer file.
  • Allows visual appearance customization of your mobile installer.
  • Create a Windows mobile installer or a pocket pc installer that is launched from within a mobile device.
  • Create a desktop installer that is launched from a desktop PC to deploy into a mobile device via Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • Bundle multiple CAB files(such as the .NET CF(Compact Framework) and SQL CE CAB files) in your mobile installer.
  • Support for Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5(WM5), Windows Mobile 6(WM6), Pocket PC and Smart Phone.
  • and many more...
Why Choose Mobile Packager?
  • Professional looking installers.
  • Simplify your deployment package creation.
  • Reduce the development time for mobile installer package.
  • Optimize your installer packages for Windows Mobile installation.
  • and many more...
A Simple Way To Create Windows Mobile Setup Installer
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